Tape Irrigation Kit

Product features

* Quality product for maximum satisfaction
* For using row crops any vegetable or shrubs
*Turbulent pressure compensated there by       uniform watering
* Highly water saving irrigation
* No need of direct pumping you can irrigate from over head tank of two story building
* Slit out-let and flexible emitter path way
* Made of high quality plastic
* Even distribution of water
* Improved productivity on undulating terrain
* Consistent sizing of crops
* Self flushing, resists clogging because of town inlet
* Operate from single story and two story
   building water tank height. (noneed of pump)
About the product

* Keep always the emition side facing up when installation
* Do not exceed pressure in head unit more than 12 PSI.
* Open end closer and flush occasionally
* The flexible emitter path way design patented and provides self flushing and pressure compensating. Complete installation details of the kit "How to fit".

Contents of Vegetable Tape Irrigation Kit

1)1" online mesh filter -F001 x 1
2)16mm Joiner - PTJ16 x 2
3)1" PVC valve -PV001 x 1
4)16 mm  tape 40 meters  -TPC x 40
5) Tape adopter - RATA x 2
6)16 mm GTO with adopter  - GTO16 x 2
7)16 mm LLDPE pipe - PTO16 x5

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