Circuiting Branching Laterals
To use the 12mm tube friction/barb loss calculation tables for  branching or split run laterals use the critical circuit length method shown below Critical circuit length example


                 The critical length of this circuit for the calculation is the
                  length of line A and the circuit's total flow and the length
                  of the longest water path which is line C and its individual
                  branch flow. Calculation for line A = 50' and total flow for
                  the circuit which is 6 g.p.h. x 17 emitters or 102 g.p.h.
                  In the .580 tubing table we would use the minimum 100' length
                  chart and 12.5 foot spacing column. Our total flow was 102
                  g.p.h. We would use the 105 g.p.h line and calculate a loss of
                  .936 p.s.i. for line A.
                  For line C we have 8 emitters at 6 g.p.h. for a total of 48
                  g.p.h. for flow. Line C is 100' long so
                  we use the 100 foot chart again, using the 55g.p.h. line to be
                  on the conservative side. In the 12.5 foot spacing column, we
                  read .316 p.s.i. loss at that flow.

                  The completed circuit calculation would be:
                  Line A .936 P.S.I. Loss
                  Line C +.316 P.S.I. Loss
                              1.252 P.S.I. Loss for the Entire Lateral

                  The flow and pressure for line B were accounted for in the
                  Line A calculation when the total flow of the circuit was
                  used. Then when we figured up the pressure needed at the tee
                  to supply the Digger branch, we automatically took care of the
                  smaller one.

                  Friction Loss Calculation For Branching PVC Laterals
                  There are at least two or three methods for determining
                  friction loss in branching PVC pipe laterals. The first, and
                  one of the most accurate, is the critical circuit length
                  method. Again, the critical circuit length is the longest path
                  that the water must travel in the circuit. With this method
                  for PVC pipe, the outlet factors are not used.
                  Step number one in this method is to determine the pipe
                  sections in the circuit that make up the critical path.
                  Step number two is to calculate the friction loss for the flow
                  of each of these sections beginning with the last section and
                  working back toward the head of the circuit.
                  Step three is to add up these losses for a total P.S.I.
                  friction loss number for the circuit. In circuits of 400, or
                  less, friction loss through the various fittings is
                  negligible. However, if you wish to throw in a very high,
                  conservative loss factor, add another 25% to your total pipe
                  friction loss number.

                  Step four is to add in any additional loss of pressure due to
                  elevation increases or subtract any elevation gains from your
                  total P.S.I. loss due to friction for your final number.

                  The second method for branching PVC laterals is the short cut
                  method where a certain degree of accuracy is sacrificed in
                  exchange for a fastball park estimate of friction loss.

                  With this method you assume that all the pipe in the lateral
                  is in straight line. Total up all the
                  pipe section in your lateral, then calculate the friction loss
                  as if the total flow of the circuit went the entire length.
                  Count up the number of outlets and select the closest
                  multiplier to your actual outlet number from Table 1. Next
                  multiply your P.S.I. loss by the outlet factor for your
                  estimate of pipe friction loss. Add 25% onto your pipe loss to
                  adjust for fitting loss and you then have your final P.S.I.
                  loss estimate.

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