Landscape Irrigation Kit  
Product features

* Quality products for maximum satisfaction
* Complete irrigation for landscape
* For lawn and shrubs medium, large etc
* Potting plants and small shrubs
* Creepers and ground cover
* Fruit trees etc
* Providing right amount of water to plant root zone
* Economical and cost effective
* Include filters, valve, etc
* Containing LLDPE pipes and fittings
* Drippers, micro sprinklers, spray heads, sprinklers
* Easy to operate and installation
* The kit will be work from 1/2 hp or 1hp pump pressure

About the products
You can install the kit as a starter kit for your landscape. If is not sufficient to your garden for irrigation you can purchase add kit which has not included head control like filters, pressure gauge valves etc, So that you can see the performance also. The kit can be working with 1/2 HP to 1HP pump, but you have to maintain 25 to 30 psi at the head unit  we can measure with pressure gauge provided in the kit. Complete installation booklet inside the kit "How to fit".
Contents of landscape Irrigation Kit
1)1" online filter with ss mesh - F001 x 1
2) microquick  sprays (rain bird make)x 5nos
3)1" Ball valve PVC - PV001 x 2
4)16 mm poly pipe for rain bird spinners - PT016 x 35
5)12 mm poly pipe for drippers -PT012 x 25
6)unipray 4" pop up with nozzles(rainbird) X 5nos
7)End cap-12mm -EC12 x 2
8)End cap-16mm -Ec16 x 2
9)12mm GTO with adopter -GTO12 x 2
10)16mm GTO with adopter -GTO16 x 4
11)Drippers-4lph -PCJ4 x 25
12)12mm Joiner -PTJ12 x 2
13)16mm Joiner -PTJ16 x 2
14)6mm Joiner -PTJ6 x 2
15)Hole punch for drippers -mp x 1
16)Microsprinkler (rain bird sppinners) x 10
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