Drip Irrigation Kit

Product features

* Quality products for maximum satisfaction
* We can use row crops any type
* Pressure compensating giving uniform emition.
* High water saving and time saving irrigation system
* Only root zone wetting by irrigation
* High yielding
* Most efficient method of any type irrigation
* 90% efficient method comparing sprinkler which has 75 to 85%
*Easy to install and operate
* Easy to design
* Control moisture at a high degree
* It can be operate from single story and
   two story building water tank height.

About the product
Designed for vegetables, satisfying the growing need of everyday vegetable use. You can produce pesticide free vegetables and using organic manures. Use only organic manures and organic pesticides and clean water for vegetables there by avoid unnecessary medicines. You can use single phase pump 1/2 HP to 1 HP for irrigation. Complete installation details the kit "How to fit".
Contents of Vegetable Drip Irrigation Kit 
1)1" online filter -F001 x 1
2)pc bug emiter  x100 
3)1" PVC ball valve -PV001 x 1
4)12 mm poly pipe -PT012 x 60mtr
5)12 mm GTO with adopter -GTO12 x 4
6)6 mm poly pipe -PT06 x 50 mtr
7)Fig -8 end cap -EC12 x 4


9)12 mm Joiner -PTJ12 x 5
10)6mm Joiner -PTJ6 x 5
11)Hole punch -MP x 1
12)Golf plug -GP x 5
13)Drippers Stand - DSP x 100

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